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M. I. Hummel 70th Anniversary

Introducing the 70th Anniversary Collection
Limited Editions Made From the Original Molds.

Origins of a Beloved Tradition:

In 1935, a collaboration began between the masters of fine ceramics at W. Goebel Porzellanfabrick and the accomplished artist, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. The result: M. I. Hummel figurines, the world’s most beloved collectibles.

M. I. Hummel figurines have evolved over seven decades according to changes in tastes and technology. The figurines have been reinterpreted by Goebel artists through the years, resulting in subtle differences between today’s versions and the originals.

In the 70th Anniversary Collection, we return to our roots. These figurines are cast from copies of the 1935 molds – molds that were recently discovered at the Convent of Siessen where they had been kept for safekeeping since the tumultuous days following World War II. This historic collection replicates the style, paint, colors and casting process of the actual figurines that started the tradition. The original details, along with the original spirit, remain intact.

Each figurine is released in a worldwide, sequentially-number limited edition of 1,935 pieces, making the year the figurines were born. Each bears an Anniversary Backstamp and porcelain tag. And each hearkens back to the beginning of a tradition that has proven to be both universal and timeless.

How to get your historic 70th Anniversary Collection figurines with Matching Edition Numbers?

The collection will come in two introductions. The First Introduction will arrive in February 2005 and will include: Chimney Sweep, Bookworm Bookend, Boy, Bookworm Bookend, Girl, Prayer Before Battle, Lullaby Candleholder and Wayside Devotion. The Second Introduction will arrive in July 2005 and will include: Sensitive Hunter, Merry Wanderer, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, and March Winds. To receive a Matching Limited Edition set, order the First Introduction Hummel Figurines as a set of (6) and you will also be able to get the same matching numbers in the Second Introduction Hummel Figurines in July 2005.
Please Note: The Limited Edition Matching sets will be available on a first come basis. Individual Figurines can also be ordered.

Also, available in February 2005 is the Special Edition Madonna with Halo figurine. Only 650 pieces will be available in the United States. Matching edition number cannot be guaranteed. The Commemorative Edition Latest News, Leipzig Fair figurine will arrive in February 2005. This figurine will only be produced in 2005 and will not be sequentially numbered.

Bookworm Bookend Boy  14/A
Bookworm Bookend Girl  14/B
Chimney Sweep 12/I
Bookworm Bookend Boy 14/A

Retail price: $390.00
Sale price: $292.50
Bookworm Bookend Girl 14/B

Retail price: $390.00
Sale price: $292.50
Chimney Sweep 12/I

Retail price: $380.00
Sale price: $190.00
Hear Ye, Hear Ye Hummel Figurine 15/0
Hummel Latest News, Leipzig Fair Hummel Figurine 184 Commerative Edition
Lullaby Candleholder 24/I
Prayer Before Battle 20
Hear Ye, Hear Ye Hummel Figurine 15/0

Retail price: $340.00
Sale price: $175.00
Hummel Latest News, Leipzig Fair Hummel Figurine 184 Commerative Edition

Retail price: $429.00
Sale price: $321.75
Lullaby Candleholder 24/I

Retail price: $280.00
Sale price: $210.00
Prayer Before Battle 20

Retail price: $260.00
Sale price: $130.00
Sensitive Hunter 6/0
Wayside Devotion 28/III
Sensitive Hunter 6/0

Retail price: $325.00
Sale price: $99.00
Wayside Devotion 28/III

Retail price: $800.00
Sale price: $600.00

If there is No Add to Cart Button, the Hummel is SOLD OUT.

We sell M.I. Hummel Club Figurines but we are not the M. I. Hummel Club.

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